AI is everywhere and we all use it daily, probably without thinking about it. Alexa, Siri, Cortana…. All AI! Unlocking your phone with a fingerprint or face recognition. Also AI. A security camera detecting normal and suspicious behavior. You already know it, AI. 

AI is not a futuristic term, it is our present and a part of our daily routine. It is not just the virtual assistant, it is better healthcare and modeling a sustainable future. csquare enables all of those applications to be developed faster and easier and at better price points. Because we believe that the future belongs to all of us equally, and so should AI. 

Building on the shoulders of giants, we at csquare support sharing to advance, ensuring data scientists can build upon the achievements of other great minds, possibly saving decades of work and millions of tons of CO2 by sharing datasets, models, and more on our platform. That spirit is embedded in the AI community. 

Introducing MLOps into your business yields value and increases ROI since it is an accelerated, repeatable, and scalable process that benefits AI teams and helps them to continuously manage the entire lifecycle of their models.

Healthcare & Life ScienceArtificial intelligence is transforming industries and the lives of people around the world. Healthcare is no exception and is increasingly using the benefits of artificial intelligence to improve the healthcare system and personalize treatments. Some of the AI applications in healthcare are Disease detection and diagnostics, Automated care, Medicine & vaccine development, Genomics, and many more. Easier and faster development of such applications means that they will reach end users sooner and improve our lives quicker. 
Finance & InsuranceWithout a doubt, AI is becoming one of the biggest allies of the Financial and Insurance industry when it comes to fraud. But a powerful tool, such as AI, is transforming the Financial industry beyond just fraud detection. Some of the applications of AI in this industry include Risk Management, Algorithmic Trading, Support for customer-facing activities, Predictive Trading, Customer Service, Forecasting.
Education & ResearchOne of the ways AI is transforming education is freeing up teachers from administrative work, which means that they have more time to focus on individual students and the quality of education. AI application in education not only promotes the productivity and collaboration between students and universities/ schools, but facilitates a more personalized approach to teaching enabling adaptation of teaching materials and methods to the needs of individual students.  And when it comes to R&D there is absolutely no doubt that AI is already shaping it and it will be amazing to witness all the ways AI and machine learning will transform the speed and cost of new discoveries. 
Transport & AerospaceThe transportation industry has undergone a serious transformation in the last 10 years. Self-operating vehicles, transportation optimization, route planning, dynamic pricing, and the list is updated almost daily. Aerospace also benefits from machine learning and algorithms that address relevant challenges such as space robotics or drones, fluid dynamics, and predictive scheduling. 
Retail & eCommerceForecasting is an essential part of the decision-making process in retail and e-commerce. Accurate predictions based on the values hidden in the piles of data that companies have, facilitate goal setting, recruitment, resource allocation, and simplify many processes within the company itself. But, machine learning application doesn’t end here, it also includes Predictive Simulation, Product Discovery, Personalised Curation, Product suggestions, Product personalization, etc. 
Telco & UtilitiesThe utility sector is counting on artificial intelligence to foster change and offer new solutions to manage the undergoing transformation. And there is no better partner in evolving from the outdated traditional model to a deregulated model driven by real-time data and smart technologies. We are talking about self-Optimizing gas turbines, AI-based trading systems, Smart home energy. And if we consider IoT and the role of telcos, it is clear that finally, they have tools to process vast amounts of data they have and offer customized, user-centric services. 
Gaming & EntertainmentIn the vast majority of cases now, AI applications in the gaming and entertainment industry are dominantly focused on optimizing the budget and upgrading the experience. But this might rapidly change due to the development of new applications for the creation of content for characters, maps, new games, and enhanced user experience. Soon enough we will witness a transformation of the way the games and entertainment content are developed and consumed. 

Why csquare?

csquare is an holistic MLOps solution that consists of an intuitive and easy-to-use software platform and HPC-infrastructure clusters. The csquare platform is framework agnostic and easily integrates with all of your favorite tools. Our HPC infrastructure is dedicated and purpose-built for machine learning and deep learning tasks. We decided to abstract the infrastructure from the end-user, making sure that they are focused on building, monitoring, and deploying models that will transform and shape the future, with zero carbon footprint, while we take care of the rest. 

We solve the problem-solvers’ problems!