Product Overview

csquare is a high performance and secure platform enabling AI Data Scientists to intuitively and efficiently train Deep Learning models in a collaborative environment. csquare helps to streamline workflows, visualise datasets, perform data wrangling, design the neural network architecture and organise and document experiments from start to finish, seamlessly parallelising jobs across multiple powerful hardware nodes.

Unlike multi-purpose clouds, we don’t have any virtualization layer. Instead we use linux namespaces and cgroups for isolation and jobs resources limits enforcement. Clusters are highly efficient, powered by renewable energy and are cooled employing Liquid Immersion Cooling, reducing the environmental footprint.

Green AI

Deep Learning Training remains extremely compute resource-intensive and although inspired by the highly efficient human brain, techniques and systems such as neural networks have a significant environmental cost. At csquare we tackle this cost by making the entire stack as efficient as possible.

This means that our hardware platform delivers the best performance per watt by employing the latest technologies. Our zero-emission clusters are powered only by real renewable energy (from solar, wind, hydro, wave, geothermal, or biomass). And that is not all, 100% of the heat generated is captured and reused for heating in domestic and commercial applications. We minimize the use of raw materials by partnering with green IT providers and the OpenCompute Project (OCP).

Our software platform ensures optimal use of the underlying hardware and our mission to democratize green AI leads to reproducible shared intermediate artifacts and research.