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World class, pre-configured, affordable HPC platform for data scientists

Focus on getting the most out of your data, we look after the underlying infrastructure and tools.

Collaborative workflow
Reproducible workflow
HPC interconnects
Hyperparameter optimisation
Storing and Retrieving Models
Reviewing experiments
Deploying models

Built and optimised for Deep Learning, you pay only for the resources you use

Spend most of your time doing actual AI, not implementing DeVops/MLOps pipelines.


Jupyter Notebook

Compatible with your favorites toolsets

Your favourite toolsets are immediately available to you on the platform: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, jupyter notebooks and much more. You focus on designing your neural networks, training your models, csquare looks after your training assets, the software and hardware.


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csquare is a purpose-built MLOps platform created to enable maximal efficiency and minimize go to market time. We have also developed and built dedicated hardware configurations to support our platform. Our idea was to create a work environment that incorporates all of your favourite tools and frameworks, as well as the best industry practices, and at the same time to eliminate hardware optimisation worries from you. Together, our software and hardware platforms make a powerful tool you yet have to discover.

csquare is an all-in-one solution built on clean technology principles. We provide you with the optimized and dedicated MLOps platform and zero-waste HPC clusters. Created by data scientists and ML experts.

csquare platform is easy to use. You just need to Sign up, connect your datasource (or upload your dataset) and you are ready to train your deep learning models and maximize the value from your data. In case you are new to ML and DL, no worries. We have prepared tutorials, documents and resources that will help you

To be motivated and curious about the value hidden in your data.

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